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Enzyme Exfoliant

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The cult-favorite blue exfoliator that minimizes pores, brightens, and blurs away wrinkles and fine lines.
Formulated by a celebrity facialist and a top nutritionist, the Enzyme Exfoliant mask is the closest you can get to a facial in a jar. The all-natural exfoliator is a skin care secret of many of Tracie’s clients who need to always be camera-ready. Powerful enzymes and botanical brighteners refine and revive dull and damaged skin, while also helping to draw out impurities, minimize the appearance of pores, and prevent breakouts.
This wrinkle-targeting, re-texturing, organic facial treatment mask is the perfect way to prep your skin before moisture and makeup to achieve even-looking, silky, soft and smooth skin. It's gentle enough for all skin types and also perfect for use on the décolletage, hands and elbows. Formulated with pineapple enzymes, alpha-beta fruit and bark acids, this natural exfoliator and mask is a great glycolic scrub alternative. 
The Enzyme Exfoliant proves that all-natural and organic skin care can produce immediate results and you do not have to compromise safety for efficacy or vice versa. Experience the Tracie Martyn Glow!
PRODUCT BENEFITS are immediately visible and enhanced with continued and cumulative use.
  • Gently exfoliates both physically and phyto-chemically: removes embedded impurities, environmental pollutants and dead skin cells. Skin is refreshed, pure and deeply clean without irritation or scratching
  • Helps to brighten irregular pigmentation: diminishes the appearance of dark spots and sun-damaged skin, revealing a more even and immaculate skin tone
  • Helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines: visibly improving the skin's surface, eliminating fine lines and pores
  • Prevents breakouts: natural antibacterial action purifies and treats the skin
  • Revitalizes the appearance of dull skin: treats stressed and lackluster complexions due to smoking, stress and environmental aggressors.
  • Reduces redness (unless from peels and over-exfoliation): anti-inflammatory ingredients naturally soothe the skin. Suitable for sensitive skin types.
Use: For sensitive skin, limit using this exfoliating mask to once a week and use as a mask, not as a physical exfoliator. Please use this facial exfoliator with caution when using on crows feet. Do not rub around your eyes (use as a mask in these areas) and do not get into your eyes. This organic exfoliator contains potent natural AHA acids so please do not use after using any harsh ingredients or products (concentrated glycolic, high concentration Retin-A or retinol formulas or any chemical peels) or if your skin is irritated or sunburned.
Aqua(Purified Water), Pineapple Enzymes, Glycerin, Caprilic/Capric Triglycerides, Diatomaceous Earth, Cetyl Octandate, Kaolin, Kojic Acid Dipalmtate, Gallic Acid, Squalane, Silicone Dioxide, Titanium Dioxide, Salicylic Acid, Malic Acid, Hamadelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract, Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (Gaba), Menthol, Lactic Acid, D-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Jasmine Extract, Xantham Gum, Mexican Tea Extract, Algae Extract, Azulene, Vitamin C Ester, Emblica Officinalis Extract, Blend of Natural Essential Oils
1.8 FL OZ. / 51 G
Every Tracie Martyn product is natural and formulated for maximum efficacy without irritation. Dermatologist tested.