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Body Dry Brush

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Skin is our largest organ. When healthy, environmental pollutants and toxins are eliminated from the body. When not, pores become clogged and the toxins stays inside us, where it can build up and wreak havoc.

Regularly dry brushing is so beneficial because it improves the body’s ability to detoxify by clearing away dead skin cells. It also increases blood flow and circulation (the bristles from the brush stimulate your lymphatic system, consequently speeding up the process of waste elimination). And as if that weren’t enough, dry brushing also easily and painlessly reduces the appearance of cellulite and leaves skin looking and feeling younger. 

Sisal Brush

  • Normal skin
  • Wet or dry use 
  • Brush Care: Rinse clean, shake off excess water and hang to dry outside of shower. 

Jute Brush

  • Soft for sensitive skin
  • Dry use only
  • Brush care: Shake after use and store in a dry place away from moisture. 

How to use:

Make this a daily habit and use before hopping in the shower! Start at the feet and move towards the heart in circular motions. Gradually increase pressure as you build your daily routine.