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Review Amber Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml

Amber Eau de Parfum Spray 50ml

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Classic & timeless, inspired by the ever popular Amber perfume oil. This fragrance embodies the perfect combination of Nemat's signature scent with a new way to indulge yourself in Amber. Fresh, inspiring & unique, creating your own personal scent.

Unlike conventional perfume boxes that are thrown away, this environmentally friendly package can be reused as a fragrance diffuser. Spray Amber fragrance on the cushion inside the box and then let the enchanting aroma slowly diffuse through the thin wood box.




This is an attar with all natural ingredients. Most potent when applied to heat points like the neck and wrists but scent and strength may vary. Store in room temperature as cold climates can dissipate the scent. These are subtle scents meant to be applied for smell but also for the aromatherapy. High possibility that you may not smell it on yourself but others will. For those accustomed to strong perfumes, be aware this is oil based with mild scent.

For the integrity of the product we will not under any circumstance accept returns or exchanges. Please do not email or call with claims as we will redirect you to this disclaimer. 

There are no "bad batches" as Nemat is a generational company spanning 120 years of attar production. Keep in mind this is a natural product. IT IS NOT AND NEVER WILL BE DILUTED WITH FILLERS, WATER ETC. It comes unsealed and with a variety of knock offs on Amazon and other third party websites, we will not accept returns for claims no scent. 

Contact us for further information or questions.